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WIAL is the world’s leading body for providing leading edge Action Learning processes, research, solutions and certification. WIAL Action Learning has been embraced by numerous organisations around the world as the preferred method of solving complex challenges and simultaneously developing individual, team and organisation capability.

New Futures is an official ‘Wial Partner’ and is headed by one of only 13 Master Action Learning coaches certified globally.


The Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) is the world’s first educational hub dedicated to Team Coaching. As the global destination for team coaching, the Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) by WBECS brings the world’s brightest minds in Team Coaching together in one place.  It is where the world’s foremost team coaching experts come to teach, where coaches come to become the best and where organizations come to find the best coaches in team leadership.

New Futures has fully embraced the GTCI team coaching methodologies and tools as foundation resources and key team members are certified  GTCI team coaches


Psytech International is one of the world’s leading developers of psychometric tests and software for the workplace. With worldwide representation covering multiple languages, Psytech  are ‘Global Leaders of psychometric assessments and solutions for the workplace’. Psytech’s GeneSys Online is an assessment administration platform designed to administer, score and report on the extensive range of occupational assessments and solutions offered by Psytech International.
New Futures is an accredited Psytech partner and supports a broad range of client talent acquisition, individual, team and organsiation development solutions.

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