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Developing game changing leaders

Leaders are navigating the unchartered waters of an increasingly virtual, uncertain and turbulent world. Conventional leadership was about using power, command, control and knowing the answers to drive performance – and it no longer works. Great leadership about asking empowering questions, listening to really understand, taking collaborative action and winning hearts & minds.

We typically design leadership development programmes to achieve the specific development and business outcomes we help our clients define. We have also developed a number of highly innovative and unique programmes  that satisfy common and frequently defined needs of many clients.


They include:

Leading with Questions 

A very powerful one day programme very successfully facilitated for over 750 people in 5 countries. It offers a profound transition from conventional to 21st century leadership

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4Q performance Coaching 

A half day programme that provides an amazingly simple and user friendly method that equips leaders to easily and effectively coach individuals and teams.

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Communicating with Influence

A powerful half day programme that helps transition from the ineffective communication style of giving excessive information to the highly influential style of questioning and Inquiry. 

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