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We have been integrally involved in supporting the board and senior leadership in successfully transforming the company from a traditional higher education consulting company to a comprehensive and collaborative technology based global education ecosystem. Our role has included strategic planning, major restructuring, culture change, HR systems, learning & development, change management and extensive leadership team coaching and development.


Intellect Design Arena is a major international technology company that creates financial technologies that help banks lead businesses on the path to growth and success. Our role has been to develop and facilitate a short leadership development programme to support the organisational design thinking philosophy and desired culture of questioning and enquiry. We developed the Action Learning based ‘Leading With Questions’ programme that has been very successfully facilitated for over 270 corporate vice-presidents internationally over a 3 year period. Next project is the ‘Team Coaching as a Leadership Style’ programme for the same target geoup.


We were engaged to help the Pathfinders school overcome the severe existential crises brought on by the Covid pandemic. Our role involved engaging key stakeholders in developing and executing a successful ‘survival and beyond strategy’ using Action Learning. It also involved   significant individual and team leadership coaching to equip key players with essential capabilities to align staff with the defined strategy. The focus is now on substantial organisation growth.

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