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Client testimonials

Our Team

‘I wanted to gain new insights quickly. The process was different, people were out of their comfort zone, everyone joined in and the results were amazing. The engagement of the team changed and was more constructive. It demonstrated where individuals can self-learn
and improve in a real situation.’


Geoff Wilson, General Manager, TetraPack

‘I never believed that a small team with diverse backgrounds could come together and generate agreed solutions on complex issues in such a short time. I want to make a point that I rapidly developed my leadership skills through the questioning focus of the programme. It is also good for developing a leadership team in an organization.’

Krishna Sai, Director Technical, Pragathi Infotech

‘The two-day Workshop with my senior management staff, and the learning gained, have provided us with the tools and confidence to better harness the full potential of the team and achieve aggressive business targets.’

George Lasek – Managing Director -SMEC

‘Through the programme I generated action plans and with the input from other entrepreneurs I was able to achieve significant improvement in our quality, customer satisfaction and sales volume metrics over a relatively short time frame. I have continued to apply the Action Learning principles in my company with very positive people engagement,teamwork and business results.’


Mandeep Wasu – Managing Director – Gudi Exports

‘Ron has been able to facilitate and bring out solutions from within our group, and that by far has been the best leadership development for our team. We can own the solution and thereafter the outcome itself.’

Ashwini Timblo Gupta, Founder & Director, Pathfinders Preschool

There is huge clarity on my resources and strengths. There is also clarity of what path not to take and the pitfalls thereof. The nature, shape and form of my goals are much better defined and I have a clearer path to them’.


Varun Kumar, CEO Dev Energy.

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